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"Conspiracy Theories" features appearances by Ill Bill, Banish, Main Flow, and Copywrite. You can purchase both the digital and physical album right here. It's also available on iTunes and just about every other online music store. Check the links on the right side of this page.


released 11 September 2012

Executive Producer: Joshua Jackson (Solicit)
Mixed by: Solicit and Chase Moore
Mastered by: Chase Moore
Cuts by: Scratch Johnson (DJ Drastic)
Artwork by: ALTERPROD

© 2012 Solicit Hip Hop

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication and/or distribution is a violation of applicable laws.



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Conspiracy Theorists San Diego, California

Solicit and Travisty One are: Conspiracy Theorists

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Track Name: The First Shall Be Last (feat. Ill Bill)
[Verse 1: Solicit]
The Bible says the first shall be last, and the last first
Well I'm at the back of the line till I'm inline in a black hearse
It's coming fast and the facts hurt, so let this verse act as my last words
There's no going back this time, I'm playing for keeps
I can feel my number coming, I've been praying for weeks
Every nation is praising the beast, and what they say in a speech ain't gonna sway me or change my beliefs
My whole life I’ve been hearing this
I was raised as a kid to fear GOD and I cherish the experience
But no matter what I say they’re not hearing me clear and it’s funny, I’m just labeled a conspiracy theorist
I’ve been seeing it for years and it’s not right
My thoughts might be what it takes to save a lost life
But when my time comes and I’m under the spotlight, I’m gone
But I’m never looking back like Lot’s wife

[Chorus: ILL BILL]
I bring the light like Yeshua, the truth like William Cooper
Master Architects amongst the reptilian shooters
Amongst the brazen serpents and talking simian troopers
Drugs and Satan worship, torturing millions of humans
Above the pain, righteous man stand above influence
And nothing’s changed, except this time we ain’t trusting Judas
Their blood will rain from a dark sky, flood the sewers
Our guns will blaze, their sorcery will never consume us

[Verse 2: Travisty One]
We’re truly on some live, love, and light versus evil shit
And Google’s watching close, we’re kind of crazy for releasing this
Even if you’re thinking we ain’t sinking into tyranny, it’s clear to me
We’re just trying to see how many ears we’ll reach
You think I’ve gone cuckoo, then look up Gulf of Tonkin
Read Behold a Pale Horse, and the Northwoods document
From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure we can stop them yet
But that’s not the point, you gotta wake up, there’s lots ahead
At this point, GOD and each other is all we have
It’s a matter of time before the next false flag
Which they’re gonna use to further abuse our rights
They plan to turn us commie first, then turn off our lights
They murder our Christ in schools like we like the abuse
Then euthanize the suicidal youth, or recruit them into fighting troops
Far-fetched? What do you expect from conspiracy theorists
Just pray we’re around long enough to see that you hear it

Track Name: Politicide (feat. Banish)
[Verse 1: Travisty One]
Damn, looks like I’m a little too late to try to make my great escape from this pitiful fate
The critical rate they’ll lay you out and spit in your face
It makes me sick to my stomach man, this shit’s a disgrace
Like why do public schools teach evolution as infallible
These people poison our food and view us less than animals
They make it blatant they hate us and then they make it a crime to know
And those who cause trouble are in line first for the final show
With front row tickets to a globalist agenda
Our commander in thief’s a treasonist socialist offender
Now brace yourself and focus for the ender
Remember, when it all burns down around you’ve chosen to surrender
We had our chance to change it but we stared at the skies
Vaccines to paralyze, zombie crops that sterilize
The nations have conspired, people plotted in vain
You either wake up now and fight or get tossed on a train

[Chorus: Travisty One & Solicit]
It’s like we’re sleep walking straight to our graves
The home of the brave well behaved slaves
They’re killing us and you pretend it ain’t happening
We’re going nuts trapped in the walls we paint patterns in
All the signs of death have arrived but you don’t notice it
You know the definition of politicide
You better focus kids
That’s the mentality and we won’t embrace hopelessness
We’re trying to wake you up in time to face that it’s over with

[Verse 2: Solicit]
The objective... Politicide, depopulate the planet
They slowly spread disease until they watch the faces vanish
Ain’t no way that you can calculate the damage
They’ve done everything they can to leave the lower class without a way to manage
And it’s funny how you act like it’s so crazy to believe, when you’re just another pawn in this nation they’ve deceived
You think we’re crazy then wait patiently and see
Because every single thing that they’ve set out to do, they’ve basically achieved
Is this information really that surprising to you
When we talk about the poison that they hide in our food
They pour fluoride in our water, they’re weaponizing the flu
Are you that fucking blind or just denying the truth
And now the plot thickens
It’s time to act because the clocks ticking
We’re not kidding, when they come for you they’re not missing
If you’re on their list, then sympathy does not exist
It’s time to wake up now because ignorance is not bliss

[Chorus: Solicit & Travisty One]

[Verse 3: Banish]
This vocal population control what your weight worth in gold
Breaking you slow, so you know that they’re taking the globe
Cold winter animals rot in your hot dinner
When will it stop, the plot to poison crops they will not hinder
No hope when you’re in the scope of some old sinners
Lost, but they give us paper and tell us we’re all winners
Bleed they think they blessed you, deceive and arrest you
Please believe they freeze disease breeds in a test tube
Your clean beliefs leave with the thought of a refuge
Distribute narcotics and pill products to stress you
Numbers to address you, disguised as security
Got lives with no purity, the lies of the tyranny
Time knows they’re hearing me, HAARP’s playing your destiny
Pesticide, genocide, hide because they testing me
Finger on your button like your hand on a cell phone
Sniffing cocaine chemtrails till it’s all gone
Track Name: Tell Me Why
[ChorusL Solicit]
It should be televised live
You deny telling lies but you can’t tell me why
You try to hide what they spray in our skies
And we pry but you can’t tell me why
I get demonized when I speak my mind
Like I fled the scene of a crime tell me why
It’s no surprise, all the lives and the people you deprive
Till they die but you can’t tell me why

[Verse 1: Solicit]
We just want to know the truth
Because we’ve had to hear the same shit for years and there’s no excuse
An explanation’s overdue
You tell us we’re wrong about 9/11 but don’t want to show us proof
They turned our military into an eyesore
And now most of the kids enlisted don’t even know what they’re fighting for
Because they’ll do anything it takes to incite war
We say to bring our troops home but they fight more
We’re fucking sick of being lied to
Obama said he’d bring change but he didn’t even try to
And now there’s no telling what they might do
So start thinking for yourselves or they’ll take away your right to
So tell me why you decided not to help us try
It’s no surprise seeing everything you held inside
You let us die and went about your selfish lives
Tell me how it really felt inside


[Verse 2: Travisty One]
I was wondering, if you could please explain
What’s inside the chemicals that you release in those planes
Should we not be concerned when crop dusters leave streaks
That go for miles and seem to linger for weeks
I mean, if you could make a few things clear
The planet’s overpopulated right, and you need fear
You’re just determined to see us suffer ain’t ya
You slowly take away our rights till the county’s in danger
HAARP’s fucking with the weather in Alaska
Officials in the dark or they’ll duck it when you ask ‘em
Like why do they deny modern physics and common sense
And tell us buildings fell because they were bombed with jets
Like we don’t know the dif between kerosene and thermite
You think explosive pros won’t notice it don’t burn right
It’s not like we don’t know, we’re just tired of the lies
Theosophy and global banks have ruined our lives


[Outro: Solicit]
So tell me why you go out of your way to lie to, and deceive the American people
Tell me why there’s toxic levels of aluminum and barium being found inside rain water
Tell me why there’s supposedly over 800 prison camps already built inside America
And you call us “truthers”
If we’re truthers, what does that make you?
Track Name: Drastic NWO Broadcast
(No lyrics)
Track Name: Mainstream Media (feat. Main Flow)
[Chorus: Main Flow]
Exciting and superior, writing the inferior
Talking about idols while we’re fighting out in Syria
It’s getting scarier, courts out to bury ya
CBS and FOX news reporting in your area
From corporate America to places where the gangs hang
Radio and television, how we gonna change things
NBC and ABC is looking like the same team
Manipulating media to sell it to the mainstream

[Verse 1: Travisty One]
So here we sit, slumped in the city we rot
Sucking up sludge leaking out the idiot box
They pity us not, never tell us truth
Clever and cute, they plant seeds and sever your roots
They cover meaningless nonsense and leave us waiting
Never talking about the coffins that FEMA’s been making
That topic’s off limits, proceed debating
They’ll confuse you on purpose to increase the ratings
You watch that plasma daddy brought home with him
And now you stay inside with James Stockholm syndrome
Evil empire needs you feeling worthless and scared
Because for them to succeed, they need you nervous, impaired
But we’re not sheep, and we don’t take kindly
To being abused by those in whom we’ve put faith blindly
Almost everything we know is controlled by the big 6
They target market the heart, your soul is the business


[Verse 2: Solicit]
They laid the plan and it came to life
But nobody gave a damn so we paid the price
And now no matter what channel it’s the same advice
They’re blatant lies, they pulled the wool over the nations eyes
And not one of you can tell the difference, they revel in it
You fell victim to this hellish system
This whole world has the devil in it
But the people don’t believe it till they see it on television
They abuse their authority
And use it to intimidate the nation so we stay in conformity
They’re doing wrong and I’m not surprised
It’s been far too long we’ve been asking why
They confuse the priority
And use it to manipulate the people and to sway the majority
The news is on and they’re telling lies
So unplug the signal, the truth won’t be televised

Track Name: Novus Ordo Seclorum
[Verse 1: Solicit]
Can you imagine this
Your own government stripping you of your rights and freedoms
And taking away your land and shit
It’s what we’re facing
Them taking the American population
And placing them into concentration camps to live
But not for long because FEMA’s got big plans
Very soon you will have a chip inside your wrist
Damn, just the thoughts are hard to manage
There ain’t no cocoa butter strong enough to get them scars to vanish
The CIA wants to kill us all off
It’s so much worse than trading AIDS for Smallpox, or Hepatitis B
And what them camps will look like, I won’t step inside to see
They’ll roll you up because you know too much
Or maybe open up your stomach and expose your guts
We’re in the final quarter and our days are getting shorter
We’re on the border of the New World Order

[Chorus: Solicit]
It’s too deep for you to see
American troops in blue suits let loose on a shooting spree
Too real to me, this whole world gets consumed by the beast
It’s too deep for you to see
American troops in blue suits let loose on a shooting spree
Too real to me, I wonder when the fucking nukes will be

[Verse 2: Travisty One]
Novus ordo seclorum
The sheep are deep asleep snoring
And the news is the chloroform
Follow the scent trails straight to the chemtrails
Keep it on the hush or they rush to rip your entrails
Number 5676977
They patented AIDS cure in ’97, be offended
They all meet in secret in the redwoods in July
Dance around in robes and worship moloch, no lie
Robots, cold eyes
Where’s flight 77?
Look this shit up for yourself, it’s depressing
So where’s the bodies, wheels, luggage
Pentagon plane crash my ass, view and judge it
And now Bin Laden’s dead and we’re dancing
The police state clamps and the FEMA camps advance in
It’s lie after lie and you’re buying it
They strip you of your rights and you take it like vitamins


[Verse 3: Travisty One & Solicit]
Peace to the mid-east, blown homes in hell it’s bad
No Posse Comitatus, marines blaring LRAD
Desensitize the public till they love the chip
Publish this because public schools keep us dumb as shit
We’re in the end section of time as we know it
If peoples don’t take heed to these rhymes, we’ll blow it
Demons are creeping through each region
Even deacons can’t weaken the heathens speech, you’re sleeping
The people need to wake up and have a look around
And take a stand before you get caged up
It’s all coming soon, you’ll be face to face with annihilation
No light shining from the Sun or Moon
It’s the Revelations and more than Heaven’s waiting
We’re wasting time, right now is the preparation
Let’s face it, there ain’t much time to change it
And now I really wish I knew where the days went

[Last Chorus]
It’s too deep for you to see
American troops in blue suits let loose on a shooting spree
Too real to me, this whole world gets consumed by the beast
It’s too deep for you to see
American troops in blue suits let loose on a shooting spree
Too real to me, I wonder when the fucking nukes will be
Track Name: The Way, The Truth, and The Life (feat. Copywrite)
[Verse 1: Copywrite]
My penmanship has elevated from Genesis to Revelation
Exodus from hellish places, from faith in the Heavens
Sacred weapon excavated
Cut the grass with the breaths it’s taken
A sinner from the inner depths creation, under reformation
Could never earn the debt we’re paying, what a dumb thought
We’re blood bought by Him, every red cent was traded
Can I get an Amen
He was the payment for our sin
So we could avoid an eternal arson
Marched in like a G
I mean an OG
I mean the son of the living G.O.D
I’m a filthy sinner saved by Jesus's grace
Hoping to eat a healthy dinner and see Jesus's face
No pun intended, I’m not holier than thou
I’m filled with sin, wasn’t even holy as a child
But my Heavenly Father wanted to mold me in a style
Similar to His only Son, and hold me in the clouds
So what’s good homie, GOD is it
Because I had a sentence over my head like a comic strip
Then I had repentance
Chose to be dead, then chose to be resurrected
Pure perfection, I ain’t supposed to be blessed

[Chorus: Copywrite]
He never will suffer defeat
He’s the Truth, and the Life, and the Way
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away
He never will suffer defeat
He’s the Truth, and the Life, and the Way
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away
He never will suffer defeat
He’s the Truth, and the Life, and the Way
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away

[Verse 2: Travisty One]
I’m in my late 20’s, still a youngin in light
As a child I was saved, had the Son in my sight
Though I’d memorize verses of the scripture
It was to please pops, the pastor
An imperfect picture
He’d talk in tongues, I’d laugh
Chalk him up as nuts
Got cocky and asked questions trying to catch him up
Figured science held the answer, went to public school
Got programmed to believe the belief in GOD’s for fools
The truth is, for years that’s the way it was in life
The darker things became, the more I strayed from Christ
Then I woke up hopeless, and alone, and remembered
I cried, and with a breath you filled the void of an empty vessel
And now I thank you for all the time you’ve given us
You gave your life so sinners can find forgiveness
There’s only one way to GOD’s kingdom, His path
So get ready, because the signs say He’s coming back


[Verse 3: Solicit]
So this is it, are you seeing it right
If you are then you know you got a reason to fight
And if you need to know the meaning of life, it’s easy
Ask any real believer in Christ
Look, it’s been a long time coming and we’re getting close
I feel sorry for the people thinking it’s a joke
It’s almost too late to try to say you didn’t know
So you better get on board before you miss the boat
You have a chance and you only choose to sin faster
But don’t you know it’s evil when you live backwards
The hardest time in my life has been this chapter
But I’m only trying to live until I get raptured
Because when it’s all said and done, I wanna see the light
And you never know when you go to sleep at night
So when you do, repent and pray to Jesus Christ
Because He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life